Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, please send us a note over on our contact page.

What does the quartet wear?

The Mahr Quartet wears orchestra black.

What does the quartet need as far as set-up goes?

We only need 4 chairs (no arms) set up in sort of a square/box. We bring our own music stands. If the location might be dimly lit, we would need to know that so we can bring stand lights.

What time will the quartet arrive?

We arrive 15-20 minutes before the prelude/event will begin.

Do you come to our rehearsal?

The Mahr Quartet does not attend wedding rehearsals. Should a rehearsal be required with a vocalist, it will take place no more than 1 hour before the wedding prelude.

When do you take breaks?

If we are playing a reception or other party, a 15 min break every 90 min is required.

I’d like my friend/other vocalist to sing at my wedding. Will you accompany them?

We have played with vocalists many times. If it is someone we are familiar with, a run-through is usually sufficient 15 min before the prelude for no charge. If more rehearsal is necessary we can arrive 1 hour prior to the prelude for an additional fee.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, however we cannot be in direct sunlight for the protection of our instruments. Obviously we would not be able to play in rain or snow.

What happens if I’d like a song played that you don’t have?

With 6 weeks notice we can have a song arranged for our group for an additional fee.

When do you need my song choices?

Two weeks prior to the wedding is preferred. Melissa can help you pick songs should you need suggestions.

When is my payment due?

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due with the receipt of your signed contract. Your balance is then due 14 days prior to the event.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel our services within 28 days of the event, your full balance will be due at that time.